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Recycling Services

Gravatt Waste Solutions offers single stream, curbside recycling.  Recycling is very important for our environment and helps reduce pollution that is caused by waste at our landfills.  Recycling also reduces the need for raw materials so that trees can be preserved.  This is a very important aspect of our business at GWS.  We pride ourselves and taking care of our communities and environment.  Educating our community on the importance, and how to recycle is something we truly value.  For pricing please visit our  Pricing Page

What is Recycling?

​Recycling is basically taking used material that is labeled recyclable and turning it over to our local recycling facility.  GWS is a proud partner of Midwest Shredding.  They sort, bundle, and ship the material so it can be re-used as another purpose, thus eliminating excess waste at our landfill and saving our earth.  Natural resources are limited and we must be conservative for our planet today, and for our future generations.  Remember, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.​

What Can I Recycle?

What Can I NOT Recycle?

​GWS can pick up the following items in your recycling bin:
  1. Cardboard
  2. Paper
  3. Magazines
  4. Newspapers
  5. Aluminum Cans
  6. Steel Cans
  7. Pop & Water Bottles
  8. Milk Jugs
  9. Detergent Bottles
  10. Rinsed Plastic containers
​GWS can NOT pick up the following items for recycling:​
  1. Trash
  2. Glass
  3. Wood
  4. Food Waste (pizza boxes with cheese on them)
  5. Medical Waste
  6. Plastic Bags
  7. Toys
  8. Metal
  9. Styrofoam
  10. Plastic Pipe (PVC)
  11. Shredded paper
  12. Pill bottles

How Are Plastics Graded?

​What do those numbers mean in the recycling symbol on the bottom of plastic containers?
  • #1 - PET (pop, water, ketchup, bottles, etc.)
  • #2 - HDPE Natural (All translucent milk jugs)
  • #2 - HDPE Color (Detergent bottles, some litter containers and white milk jugs)
  • #3 - PVC (usually pipe - we do not accept these items)
  • #4 - LDPE Film (plastic film wrap and retail bags - we do not accept these items)
  • #5 - Polypropylene (Butter containers, yogurt containers, etc.)
  • #6 - Polystryene (Usually styrofoam - we do not accept these items)
  • #7 - Others (This is a combination of the above items - we do not accept)
​If you have any questions on what is accepted please call our office and we would be happy to help you recycle!

How to Reduce The Amount of Trash You Create

  1. ​Bring your own cloth bag to grocery store.  If you can't do that, request paper from your sacker.  Plastic bags are not accepted at our recycling center.  Just think of all those plastic bags that get thrown into our landfills.
  2. Reduce the amount of packages you purchase by buying in bulk.
  3. Switch all your billing to paperless statements and have them e-mailed to you.
  4. Avoid paper plates, cups, and utensils.
  5. Buy products in cardboard containers
  6. Purchase reuse wrapping paper or reusable gift bags.

Recycling Creates Jobs

​There are a lot of jobs at a recycling center.  An increase in recycling in our community will open up a demand for more recycling facilities and more jobs to run those facilities.  Recycling facilities need 7-10 more employees than landfills.

Recycling Facts

  • 80% of a car can be recycled
  • America throws enough paper away to build a 12 foot wall out of paper from Seattle to New York each year
  • Recycling a stack of paper 3 feet high will help save an entire tree
  • America throws away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour
  • Recycling one ton of plastic bottles saves the energy usage of a two person household per year
  • Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for 3 hours
  • Recycling one 1 ton of cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil
  • Plastics can take up to 500 years to decompose

What Can I Place My Recyclables In?

​GWS offers a 35 gallon and a  64 gallon bin for recyclables.  The 35 gallon is a $55 refundable deposit. The 64 gallon is a $65 refundable deposit.  You may also use your own plastic bin to put your recyclables in.  You can use a small one as well, just make sure it is clearly labeled as a recycling bin.  All recyclables must be placed into a bin in order to be picked up. We will not collect the meterials if glass or styrofoam are in your bin.  If you have any further questions please contact our office for further assistance.