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Trash Collection Services

We know there has been a big problem with trash pick-up in Lee's Summit.  Let GWS be the solution for your solid waste needs.  We offer a weekly pick up service at a great rate.  With our friendly and dependable drivers, GWS is sure to be your most reliable hauler in Lee's Summit.  We maintain our trucks daily by cleaning and sanitizing our equipment.  Our trucks are equipped with backup safety cameras to ensure public safety.  Customer service, and keeping our communities safe and clean are our top priorities.  As a locally owned hauler we have a vested interest in keeping our community clean.

Trash Collection Process

If you would like to sign up for service you can register and pay online, or you can call our office to set up service.  We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Please be sure to have your trash at your curb no later than 6:00am the day of your pick up.  You may use your own bin, rent a bin from GWS, or just put your bags at the curb without a bin.  You choose how you would like to manage your trash.

If you use multiple waste disposal services at GWS please be aware that we will make three passes through your neighborhood.  One truck will first pass by to pick up recycling, then the 2nd truck will pick up your trash, and the 3rd will pick up yard waste.

Special Services

We understand trash can be tough for some households to bring to the curb.  This is why we offer a garage door service for people with disabilities and people over the age of 65.  Simply put your trash outside the garage door, and we will walk up your driveway and empty your trash.  We will also make sure it is placed back exactly where we got it.  For this service, we can only accept trash/recycling if it is placed in a bin.  There is no charge for this service if you fall under either of these two categories.  Yard waste is not offered in this service as that will still need to be placed at the curb.

Trash Pick-Up Schedule

Please click on the following link to find out your trash-pick up day with Gravatt Waste Solutions.  GWS Pick Up Schedule

GWS Bin Rental

​​​The following bins are available for a one time, refundable deposit.  Your deposit will be paid back within 14 business days once you cancel service and the bin is picked up.  You must return the bin to get your deposit back.  GWS will maintain and replace any bin that breaks.  If your bin is stolen or lost we cannot return your deposit.

64 Gallon (Trash or Recycle) - $65 refundable deposit (Holds 4-5, 13 gallon kitchen bags)
96 Gallon (Trash only) - $75 refundable deposit (Holds 5-7, 13 gallon kitchen bags)

Below is a stock photo.  All bins will be blue in color.  

Items That Cannot Be Picked Up

Bulky Pick-Up Items

  • Batteries
  • ​Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Paint
  • Concrete
  • Automotive Fluids

The following items are accepted, but must be called in and paid for the day before pick-up.  Please have items at the curb.
  • Refrigerator - $40
  • Microwave - $20
  • Stove - $30
  • Washer - $30
  • Dryer - $30
  • Passenger Tires - 17" and under - $15/tire (can have rims)
  • Tires 18" and higher - $40/tire (can have rims)
  • Tables - $30
  • Mattress - $30
  • Box Spring - $25
  • Couch - $40
  • Carpet - Please call our office for pricing
​​​If you need to take something to the landfill in Lee's Summit yourself, please visit their website at ​www.summitwastesystemsrrp.com